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To add a new site into our directory, please follow the following steps:

Go to the right country/category where you want your site to appear
(example: Middle East > Egypt > Magazines).

• Click on "Add a Site" link to the right. 

Fill out the Form fully and clearly in English language, and click on Add Resource when done.

Please submit only one ones, and let us know if you need any help.

Please allow some time for your site to be indexed into our database.

We accept sites that meet the following criteria:

• Only Media Sites (newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio stations, TV stations, news sites... etc.) will be added into our site.

• No offensive sites are acceptable, including, but not limited to: political offence, race offence, religious offence, gander offence, or adult sites.

• No shortcut addresses or redirection URLs are acceptable. Short addresses are those addresses that include some type of modifiers such as: home.of, ..etc.

• No duplicate or renamed URL for the same site.

• Sites must be operational and not under constructions.

News-agencies, newspapers, and other types of media sources can register with us to have their name listed in our site at no cost or obligation; simply, fill out the register form and submit it to us.


Please feel free to link back to our site, or suggest it to a friend. 

 Home > Back > How to Add a Site

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